Peace Radio#2723

High Quality Peace Radio Bot that plays 24/7, Listen to original lofi, Aot and anime lofi for FREE!

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Prefix : lofi,

Tags :  Anime Music

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The Bot is online 24/7 so that everyone can relax when they feel like it. If you need support you can join our discord. The bot plays Chillhop Music's Lofi live, lofi Geek and Nostalgic Lofi live. If you want to give us suggestions you can do it on our discord server.

Command This bot have 12 simple commands for now:

lofi,play: starts the chillhop lofi music.

lofi,japanese: starts the lofi geek music.

lofi,jazzy: starts the chillhop jazzy lofi music.

lofi,aot: starts the nostalgic aot lofi music.

lofi,anime: starts the nostalgic anime lofi music.

lofi,stop: for disconnect the bot from the voice chat.

lofi,volume: Increase and decrease the volume of the bot.

lofi,help: Show the list of commands.

lofi,support: Provides you a support server link for Peace Radio bot.

lofi,invite: Provides you a invite link for Peace Radio bot.

lofi,prefix: Changes the prefix used to address Peace Radio.

lofi,stats: Shows statistics about Peace Radio bot.

Note: 24/7 is enabled by default once the bot joins the voice channel! Due to downtimes, it may get disconnected.