Paradise bot enhances Discord functionality with raid prevention, economy, and a wide range of commands for info, utility, and moderation. Try it now for a safer and more robust server.

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Paradise is an advanced bot that serves as a multi-purpose solution for Discord servers. Its primary function is to ensure the safety of your server by preventing any possible raids and protecting your members from harmful activities. The bot offers a range of features that make it a useful tool for server administrators and members alike.

The bot is equipped with information commands that provide users with quick access to useful information such as server statistics, member information, and more. Additionally, it offers utility commands that simplify server management, and a comprehensive set of moderation commands that allow administrators to manage their servers with ease. Paradise also includes an economy system that enables users to earn and spend virtual currency, encouraging engagement and interaction between server members.

Our motto, "Never judge a book by its cover," emphasizes our commitment to providing users with an opportunity to experience the full potential of Paradise before forming any opinions about it. We believe that our bot speaks for itself, and we encourage users to explore its features and capabilities to discover what it has to offer.

To get started with Paradise, we recommend granting the bot the following permissions:

Needed permissions (Recommended):

Alternatively, you may grant the bot all permissions, but this is not recommended:

All permissions (Not recommended):
If you have any questions or issues with the bot, we encourage you to join our support server:

Support server:

In conclusion, Paradise is a comprehensive bot that provides a range of features to enhance the overall experience of Discord servers. We invite you to try Paradise and experience its benefits firsthand.