👾Generate AI Art, & Memes! 🎨 UNLOCK Powerful Image Generation With A Single Command FOR FREE.

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Jin - Wombo.ai#0933

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it's a super fast & free Discord bot that lets you make A1-generated art and memes 🤯

/dream : generate A1 art with Dream Diffusion 💭

/meme : generate a variety of fully A1-created memes (both image & text!) 🤪

/styles : create & use official styles from Dream & other users with both VQGAN & Dream Diffusion 🎨

Premium gets you features like custom resolutions, using WOMBOT in DMs, creative meme image generation, and more. You can purchase a sub for $5/mo by using /premium or going here: [https://wombot.ai/](https://wombot.ai/)