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Feed, pet and manage your cat! Bot made by Belven#6741


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JoyCat - The simplest virtual cat Discord bot!


=help => Shows the help panel.
=meow => Shows random cat picture.
=status => Shows your cat status.
=level => Shows your cat level.
=feed => Feed your cat.
=save => Save your cat statistics.
=pet => Pet your cat to make them happy.

How does it works?

Your pet will lose hunger, loves from you and fun in a certain amount of time. So keep feeding, and petting your cat! Keep interacting with your cat to level up!

Important Notice!

Make sure to use `=save` to save your statistics. The bot will autosave your statistics every 180 seconds but in certain circumstances, the bot will go offline and your recent progress won’t be saved (if the bot hasn’t saved on the current cycle). For instance, the bot needs to be restarted.