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Games'Addict offers several commands for game statistics


Prefix : ga!

Tags :  Game

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Games'Addict is a bot that allows you to have statistics on different games. The games proposed for the moment are :

  • Csgo
  • Supercell : BrawlStars, ClashOfClan, ClashRoyal
  • Fortnite,
  • Apex ,
  • Division2,
  • Valorant,
  • Rainbow 6
  • Commands category
    botinfo, help, shard Bot
    csgo, csgomap, csgoweapon CSGO
    brawlers, bsclub, bsplayer, coclan, cocplayer, crclan, crplayer Supercell
    rainbow, rainbowstatus Rainbow 6
    apex, division2, fortnite, overwatch, valorant Other

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