A multipurpose Discord bot that has many features include fun, moderation, autorole, welcome and much more!

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Prefix : cl.

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ABOUT ME Clay is a powerful multipurpose Discord bot with many features. Clay is a multipurpose Discord bot *generally*. Clay actually is a Discord bot mainly about advanced configurable feature and bring your funs and hapiness to your server. Want to track down some information about your member or view statistics about your server? No worries, our advanced `UTILITY` feature can literally track everything! (With `cl.userinfo`, `cl.serverinfo`) Want some fancy texts to give your new members a warm welcome? You can set a channel where Clay send a text that shows people those have joined your server or you can modify the welcome message with our `SETTINGS` feature. (With `cl.joinchannel`, `cl.joinmessage`) Clay's default prefix has nothing special? You can set a prefix that you want but no longer than 5 characters. (With cl.setprefix) - Join the [support server]( if you need help or you have a suggestion for improve the bot or you want to report a bug. - [Invite Clay](, bring joy and safeness to your server! WARNING - If you found a bug, but you don't want to report it and decide to abusing the bug will result you getting permanently blacklist from the bot. Not appealable.