I really like good quality music, so come with me friends.

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I really like good quality music!

You probably don’t know me but I know you very well you know, if you know how happy I am to see you here. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time Don’t be afraid I’m here to embellish your ears with a beautiful and sweet music.


Command Description Usage
Addfilter Add a Filter to the Filters p+addfilter
Custombassboost Sets a custom Bassboost with Gain p+custombassboost
Customspeed Changes the Speed of the Song p+customspeed
Filters List all active and possible Filters p+filters
Removefilter Removes a Filter from the Queue p+removefilter
Setfilter Sets (Overwrides) all Filters p+setfilter
Botinfo Shows Information about the Bot p+botinfo
Help Returns all Commmands, or one specific command p+help [cmdname]
Ping Gives you information on how fast the Bot is p+ping
Shards Information on the shards p+shards
Addrelated Add a similar/related song to the current Song p+addrelated
Autoplay Toggles Autoplay p+autoplay
Mix Plays a defined Mix p+mix [MIXNAME]
Play Plays a Song/Playlist in your VoiceChannel p+play
Playskip Plays a Song/Playlist and skips p+playskip
Playtop Plays a Song/Playlist and adds it to the Top p+playtop
Skip Skips the Current Track p+skip
Stop Stops playing and leaves the Channel p+stop
Clear Clears the Queue p+clear
Jump Jumps to a specific Song in the Queue p+jump
List Lists the current Queue p+list
Loop Enable/Disable the Song- / Queue-Loop p+loop
Move Moves one Song to another Place p+move
Previous Plays the previous Song p+previous
Remove Removes one+ Song(s) p+remove [Amount]
shuffle Shuffles (Mixes) The Queue p+shuffle
Status Shows the Queue Status p+status
Volume Adjusts the Volume of the Music p+volume
Botchat Shows Information about the Bot p+botinfo
Defaultautoplay Defines if Autoplay should be enabled on default or not p+defaultautoplay
Defaultfilter Defines the Default Filter(s) p+defaultfilter
Defaultvolume Defines the Default Volume of the Bot p+defaultvolume
Dj Manages the Djs p+dj <@Role>
Prefix Changes the Prefix of the Bot p+prefix
Addend Adds this Song back to the end of the Queue p+addend
Forward Forwards for X Seconds p+forward
Grab Jumps to a specific Position in the Song p+grab
Lyrics Sends the Song Lyrics p+lyrics
Nowplaying Shows the current Playing Song p+nowplaying
Replay Replays the current song p+replay
Rewind Rewinds for X Seconds p+rewind
Seek Jumps to a specific Position in the Song p+seek