Easy to use Discord mod bot with dashboard, mod tools, moglogs and auto mod to help protect your server!

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Easy to use Discord mod bot with dashboard, mod tools, modlogs and auto moderation to help protect your server!


Your dashboard, your choice!

Setup your server just the way you like it including per-server dashboard themes, custom bot prefix, admin-only dashboard and admin/mod roles.

Server Dashboard

Configure your server/bot settings from an easy to use dashboard with useful info and tools. Image

2fa Authorized

Minotaur is 2fa enabled for security, this also means you can use the bot in community servers or server discovery which requires 2fa.

Mod Tools

Give your server mods helpful tools and features to ban/kick/mute people, find users by name, get a users ban info or fetch a user by id.

Auto Mod

The bot will automatically kick bad usernames such as discord.gg/ and protects your server again scam links and spam accounts. Image


Set a channel to log mod actions including manual kick/ban/mute and other bots that do it.


The bot uses the latest Discord timeout feature to mute members in your server so they can't talk, react or interact with a set time. Image