Moderation Man#4763

A bot suggested by Burn

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Moderation Man

A bot suggested by Burn


Moderation Man is a bot made by Yoshiboi18303#4045 just for Burn's server, but decided to turn into a public bot!


Click this to invite Moderation Man!


Click this to go to the Moderation Man website!


A list of features for Moderation Man can be found here!


Coming Soon!


Here are the commands supported for Moderation Man!

  • [x] Slash Commands
  • [ ] Message Commands (maybe not)

Command Prefix

The command prefix right now is /

Worried about your data?

Well then check out the Privacy Policy to see what the developer collects!

You can also join the Support Server if you want to contact Yoshiboi18303#4045 and tell him any concerns you have!

Anyways... sorry to have wasted your time with all this stuff, have fun using Moderation Man!