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The best non-premium music bot for discord made by finncord


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Tags :  Fun Music

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Chinmay Jha#3874

Support Server


Welcome to Finnmusic

Finnmusic is the best non-premium bot for discord made by Finncord. It is 24/7 on vc and it has a support server too so if you find any bug, support, etc pls contact us on support server.


  • ;help ;h List of all Commands
  • ;play (URL/NAME) ;p Plays a song
  • ;radio [radiostation]Plays a radiostation
  • ;status Shows queue status
  • ;nowplaying ;np Shows current song
  • ;pause Pauses the song
  • ;resume ;r Resume the song
  • ;shuffle ;mix Shuffles the queue
  • ;playskip ;ps Plays new song and skips current
  • ;autoplay ;ap Enables autoplay - random similar songs/li>
  • ;skip ;s Skips current song
  • ;stop ;leave Stops playing and leaves the channel
  • ;seek (DURATION) Moves in the Song in: seconds
  • ;volume (VOLUME) ;vol Changes volume
  • ;queue ;qu Shows current Queue
  • ;loop (0/1/2) ;mix Enables loop for off / song / queue
  • ;lyircs ;ly Shows lyrics for this song
  • ;jump (Queue num.) Jumps to a queue song
  • ;prefix (PREFIX) Changes the prefix
  • ;ping Gives you the ping
  • ;uptime Shows you the Bot's Uptime
  • ;invite Invite the Bot to your Server
  • Filters Commands

    ;gate | ;haas | ;pulsator | ;surrounding | ;clear | ;8d | ;bassboost | ;echo | ;karaoke | ;nightcore | ;vaporwave | ;flanger | ;subboost | ;phaser | ;tremolo | ;vibrato | ;reverse | ;treble | ;clear

    Thx for Checking :D