4chan Browser#6243

Allows you to browse 4chan boards and posts easily through Discord.

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4chan Browser's main feature is letting you search for boards and its threads and giving you a dynamic interface to move through threads in that board or its replies.

If you want a way to look at 4chan in the comfort of your server without having to access the website, this is the bot for you!
'4chan <board>
[<thread-OP-num> |
<position-in-board> [<topics>] | <topics>] | boards
Provides the user an embed for browsing a 4chan board or check the existing boards. Only user that invoked it can interact with it.
  • '4chan a shows random thread of /a/.
  • '4chan v 561787427 shows thread 561787427 of /v/.
  • '4chan xs 23 shows 23rd thread on /xs/.
  • '4chan vg league of legends shows thread in /vg/ with all topics 'league' 'of' 'legends' (order of topics doesn't matter).
  • '4chan p 2 architecture shows 2nd thread in /p/ with 'architecture' topic.
  • '4chan boards shows existing boards in 4chan.
'help [<command>] Provides description for each supported command or a provided command.
'info Shows information about the bot.
'prefix <new-prefix> Changes the server prefix to the provided one. User changing it must have Manage Server permission.

You can navigate the embed through the given arrows left and right between threads in the board or up and down through replies of the selected thread.