A small bot for voting on your server.

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Votty is a versatile bot designed to make vottings easy and convenient. With Votty, you can create vottings with multiple options, and choose whether you want them to be anonymous or not. You can even enable a log of votes, or hide the number of votes altogether.

Votty supports two popular ways of voting: using reactions or buttons. You can also add descriptions to your vottings to provide more context or instructions to your users.

With Votty, you can have up to 9 voting answers and generate pie graphs to visualize the results. Votty also supports chat and slash commands, making it easy to create and manage vottings right from your Discord server. And if you prefer a custom prefix, Votty has got you covered.

Votty is available in English and Russian, with plans to support Spanish soon. Whether you need to run a quick poll or a more complex survey, Votty is the bot for you.