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Amethyst Currency is a global economy and RPG bot that brings many new unseen features to a currency/RPG bot.

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Amethyst Currency

Amethyst Currency is a global economy bot that brings many new unseen features to a currency bot.

Amethyst Currency brings new concepts such as:

🏞️ Land Claims

βš”οΈ Role-Playing Fights

πŸ—ΊοΈ Text-Base Travelling

πŸ›‘οΈ Alliances

πŸ“œ Quests

🏹 New Stealing Mechanics

πŸ“š And Much, Much More...

Those concepts redefine the meaning of economy while still maintaining what everyone loves about economy bots.

Concept of Amethyst Currency:

Join your friends by making and raiding alliances. Spy on your friends and enemies to determine their location to secretly steal their coins... Search around you for land to claim and then collect goods from what you found! And then, hide your coins in your secret cache so that no one will bother stealing your fortune...

What makes Amethyst Currency Special?

This new economy bot brings many new features, just as listed above, here are essential commands to know while using Amethyst Currency:

Global Economy Commands:

Balance command:

Inventory command:

Shop command:

Server leaderboard command:

Give command:

Buy command:

Sell command:


Fight command:

Duel command:

More RPG commands coming soon...

Land Claim Commands:

Search command:

Collect command:

Text-Based Travelling Commands:

Travel command:

Alliance Essential Command:

Alliance raid command:

Stealing Commands:

Sneak and Hide command:

Locate command:

Steal command:


Quests are up to you to find out...

Amethyst Currency even has Tavern games (coin games) and again, much more.