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This is a Basic Graphing Bot and is a showcase of Denzven-Graphing-Api to plot flat,polar and 3-dimensional graphs using the input formula


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Welcome! this is Denzven-Graphing-Api

1. About the Bot:

Denzven-Graphing-Api is my first flask project that plots graphs of formulas/Equations using python. i have also made an Showcase Bot to show the abilties of the api

2. How to Use the Bot?

Using the Bot is as simple as sending >help or a cmd with some params such as the formula, grid, plot_style, x_coord, y_coord (and 15 others use >attr to see em all) and the Bot will return an image of the plotted Graph.

Example of a cmd:

fgrem x+y grid=1 line_style=ccff00>fgrem x+y grid=1 line_style=ccff00

Bot Showcase


  • Base Cmd:
    • fgrem

  • The Formula:

    • x+y

      Note that this formula as the proper symbols

    • What can the formula contain?

      • trignometric functions:

        sin() cos() tan()

      • powers

        x**2 = x²

      • Basic BODMAS


      • Misc:

        pi=value of the const pi,
        sqrt()=square root of the value,
        %=modulos gives the remaider of the divsion

        • eg: 13%3 returns 1
          15%5 returns 0

and much more

  • The Parameters (>attr):

    • grid=1

      Grid refers to the presence of smaller grid lines, represent as boolean value with 1 is true, 0 is false

    • line_style=ccff00

      the cmd add the graphing line to be a hexcolor of #ccff00

3. Limitations of the API

The API has several limitations in its use now, and is slowly getting patched/fixed.

Some known ones:

  • Limitations in the formula usage: the formula must equate to zero. Like "x+y" as input will mean the graph of "x+y=0" and it must contain both x and y in the equation.
  • Limitations in usable functions: No Absolute function, Min, Max (yet!)
  • Currently, the API uses Python's eval() function to evaluate the equations, this will be replaced in the future for the sake of performance and stability

4. Contributing to the API & Bot (if you want to add changes/neaten up the code)

5. Known Bugs and Issue reporting

  • There was a bug by putting exit() or quit() in the formula that would turn off the api.. i have tried my best to patch it

I dont know of any other feel free to add them in!

6. About Me

I am a 17 years old wierdo that hops on with tons of hobbies and gets bored easily. Tried out a bunch of stuff like blender3D, voxel art, making discord bots and telegram bots, basic python programs, right now i am making an Graphing API and its wrapper. you can find more info about me here

Thank you! Hope You can tribute much needed support and enjoy using the api as much i did making it 😁