Make the best discord server with Kp! Kp has a music player, playlists, moderation and so much more so why dont you invite Kp today?!

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Prefix : k!

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# Bot overview

If you need an all-in-one discord bot with many commands, then Kp is the right bot for you! Kp has Music, Moderation, Leveling, a dashboard, and more! With Kp, you can make your discord a better place with its fun commands and its moderation commands, and to top it all of Kp is **FREE** So why haven't you invited Kp Yet! IF you want to see a detailed description for each feature, scroll down.

# Dashboard

The Dashboard is currently in beta mode, so it's not finished YET though I am working on it. If you want to see some leaks and want to test the Dashboard, you can join our discord server by [clicking here!](

# Music

Kp has the best free music system that supports all the popular platforms like Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud & more! KP also has **FREE** custom playlists which are currently in beta mode for now. If you want a music feature, you can ask for the feature to be added to my support server by clicking here. (Audio effects coming soon)

# Leveling

Keep your server active with Kp's leveling system and let users compete to get the highest XP for bragging rights! To enable the leveling system, type `k!enablelvl` and disable it. Type `k!disablelvl`!

# Moderation

Keep your server ik check with Kp's moderation system! If a member being annoying, you can mute him! Is he breaking the rules? Kick him!

# Support

Is Kp working like it's supposed to, or You need us to teach you how to use Kp? Well, don't worry, my little pogchamp, I got you! [Join our discord server!](

# Not convinced?

[Join our discord server to tell the developer what you want to see in kp!](

#### Does it have a music player
Yes It does have a music player on the dashboard

#### What is the prefix

The default prefix is k!

#### How to use Spotify with Kp?

Use the play command with the Spotify URL
**For Example:** k!play

#### Why are playlists, are not working?

Playlists are currently in beta mode, and they need more work, so if they don't work, [please join our support server!](

#### Do you guys have a dashboard

Yes, we do! It is not finished yet, but you can find it [here](

#### Is this a KPOP bot

No, and I take offense that you asked