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Emote Tracker

Tired of downloading emotes and adding them manually? With Emote Tracker you just need to provide a URL, and it will add the emote!


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タ furix4k#9696

Support Server

```Emoji Backup```

**et/backup-create : to backup emoji.**

**et/backup-delete : delete the backup.**

**et/backup-list : see the list of emoji backups.**

**et/backup-load : upload the backup to the server.**


**et/add-these : if you want to put multiple emojis simultaneously.**

**et/add : to put an emoji.**

**et/big : Get the biggest version of the provided emote.**

**et/list : if you want to see the emojis on the server.**

**et/remove : with this command you can delete an emoji.**

**et/rename : if you want to change the name to emoji.**

**et/stats : with this command see stats to emoji.**


**et/help : see the list of orders.**

**et/invite : invites from the Emote Tracker.**

**et/serverinfo : see server info.**

**et/support : if you want to join the support server.**

**et/uptime : uptime to bot.**

**et/nuke-chat : clear chat.**

```Giveaway System```

**et/giveaway-start : create a new giveaway.**

**et/giveaway-end : stop the giveaway.**

**et/giveaway-reroll : choose another winning person.**








• ```Type "et/help" in your server to see my commands and more.``` •