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Unlock the World of Multilingual Conversations with Our Powerful Discord Translation Bot! Fluent communication across languages made easy.

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Translate-mate: Your Ultimate Multilingual Companion

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Translate-mate, the Discord translation bot that brings languages together! Whether you're bridging cultural gaps, communicating with global friends, or expanding your horizons, Translate-mate has you covered.

Key Features:

1.  Powerful Translation Engine: Translate-mate boasts an impressive translation engine that supports a vast array of target and source languages. From English to Mandarin, Spanish to Russian, we've got you covered.

2.  Free and Generous: Embark on your translation journey without any cost! Translate-mate offers a free service of up to 5000 characters per Discord server, ensuring you have ample room to express yourself.

3.  Seamless Upgrades: Should your translation needs exceed the free character limit, fear not! Our convenient upgrade option through a paid subscription plan unlocks broader character limits. Visit our website at to learn more.

4.  Always Connected: Technical hiccups disrupting your translation flow? Not with Translate-mate! Our bot comes equipped with an integrated fallback API, ensuring uninterrupted translation even in challenging connectivity situations.

Popular Commands:

-   **/translate  **: Transmute your text into any desired language. For example: `/translate en Hello`.
-   **/languages**: Get a list of supported languages.
-   **/auto on  [user]**: Activate auto-translation for seamless communication. For example: `/auto on en @user`.
-   **/auto off [user]**: Turn off auto-translation. For example: `/auto off @user`.
-   **/auto list [user]**: View auto-translation settings for a user. For example: `/auto list @user`.

Server and Channel Configuration:

-   `/config server`: Configure server settings.
-   `/config channel-auto-on  [channel] [output]`: Enable auto-translation for a specific channel. For example: `/config channel-auto-on en #general #translations`.
-   `/config channel-auto-off [channel] [output]`: Disable auto-translation for a channel. For example: `/config channel-auto-off #general #translations`.

User-Specific Settings:

-   `/config auto-on  [user]`: Enable auto-translation for a user. For example: `/config auto-on en @user`.
-   `/config auto-off [user]`: Disable auto-translation for a user. For example: `/config auto-off @user`.
-   `/config auto-list [user]`: List auto-translation settings for a user. For example: `/config auto-list @user`.

Feedback and Help:

-   `/feedback`: Provide feedback to the bot owner.
-   `/help`: Get assistance and explore available commands.

Server Information:

-   `/server info`: Get server details.
-   `/server stats`: Retrieve server statistics.

Subscription URL:

-   `/subscribe`: Receive the subscription URL.

Join the multilingual revolution with Translate-mate! 🌐🗣️