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Bunny Girl Senpai

A multipurpose discord bot | Economy | Fun | Moderation | Utility | Levels | Music | AIChat | Anime


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On our bot, we aim to fulfill all the possibilities of premium perks for free! Invite us in beta to get these perks, without any payment!

Bunny Girl Senpai, has the following categories:

-Fun Help, features meme commands, image generators and other really funny ones, to make your server active!
-Economy, features a global economy with realistic real life searching, begging, working, etc. including gambling!
-Music, [Still under development, but works fine], includes all the music commands to play music directly from YouTube to Discord, and links work as well!
-Moderation, features interactive moderation commands to help keep your server safe from raiders and miscreants!
-Backup, if to the extent that raiders do destroy your server, it can be kept safe through loading a previously made backup stored in the database of our bot, which also stores messages! If you wanna do so, invite me now to help keep your server safe! 
-AI chatting, set a channel and talk to the bot in it! [Disabled by default] 
-Levels and unlimited reward roles, a stable system of granting users levels upon talking and certain role rewards per level! 
-Anime, find anime details/manga and specific funny anime commands straight into your server channel!

To help me get verified, please vote for me and invite me to your server! I'm pretty sure I'll be a lot of help to it, and you won't regret it! Waiting to serve your server! :]