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Connect is a social media app inside of a Discord bot! Make posts, follow your friends, and so much more!


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Connect is a **social media application** inside of a Discord bot. What does this mean?

This means that Connect is *almost* just like any other social media you would use, with one key detail: ***It's a Discord bot.***

With Connect, you can post your thoughts, amazing images you took, funny memes you found, and a lot more! 

Sharing your Connect content is as easy as copy and paste. **Literally!** Copy your username or post ID and start sharing!

Connect with your friends, managers, Discord buds, random people from other servers, with no boundaries! Say good-bye to the toxic communities that other social media like Twitter have. With Connect, *you* make *your* community. Follow who you like, Look at posts you like, comment on posts you like, and so much more!

**Not Convinced?**
Maybe you'll be convinced with...
- *Safely Encrypted* Passwords
- *Three* Feed Commands
- *Notifications* When People Interact with You or Your Posts
- *Login Features* if you're afraid of losing your Discord account.
- *Safe Recovery* In the case that your password slips our and someone gets it!