Drunk o'Bot#2241

Drunk o'Bot is a funbot that has random funny and snarky responses to commands! Pretend to kick or ban your friends, start a new conversation topic and more!

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Prefix : d!

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Drunk o'Bot is the funbot you didn't know you needed! Drunk o'Bot features economy, profiling, server leaderboards and competitions, (legal) gambling and more! It's more than just a typical economy bot. Drunk o'Bot has sass AND doesn't do what you tell him to do... I mean, he's drunk after all. Pretend to kick or ban your friends with the modbot simulator (Note: These commands do NOT actually kick or ban anyone, it's just for fun), create conversational topics in your server with over 500 different topics, open fortune cookies and so much more! There's something for everyone.
> Disclaimer: We are not held responsible if your beer supply goes missing after inviting Drunk o'Bot.

Prefix: d!

Change Prefix: d!prefix set [new prefix]

Documentation: https://docs.teamhydra.dev/docs/drunkobot/getting-started/

**Commands (as of right now):**

Mention Commands:
- warn (user) - Pretend to warn someone!
- mute (user) - Pretend to mute someone!
- kick (user) - Pretend to kick someone!
- ban (user) - Pretend to ban someone!
- bean (user) - Pretend to ban someone, but you misspelled ban!
- flirt (user) - Flirt with someone :o
- simp (user) - Simp with someone owo
- slap (user) - Slap someone :|
- givecookie (user) - Give someone a tasty cookie <3

Fun Commands:
- fortune - Read a fortune cookie!
- topic - Posts a conversation starting topic to revive ded chat, you're welcome smaller servers!!!
- bump - Tells you off for assuming this was DISBOARD's prefix
- trickortreat - Halloween command, only usable during Halloween Event
- eggroll - Easter command, only usable during Easter Event
- rate (thing) - Rates something with a high score of 100
- wisdom - Words of wisdom as portrayed by the drunk himself. (Note: Do not actually heed advice from Drunk o'Bot, it may save your life)
- joke - Random 'guy walked into a bar' jokes and more
- ask (yes/no question) - Your basic Magic 8 Ball, except it has drunk responses

Profiling & Economy:
- makeprofile - Create your very own Drunk o'Bot Profile, and collect BoozeCoin, Profile Badges & Titles, compete against other users and servers and stand out from the rest!
- clearprofile - For when you decide you no longer want your Drunk o'Bot Profile; this will delete all your data from our database
- leaderboard - See all the richest users in the world!
- leaderboard local - See the richest users in the current server!
- leaderboard servers - See the richest servers overall!
- daily - Gain a small amount of BoozeCoin for FREE every 24 hours :)) It's happy hour for sure
- store - See what you can spend your shiny BoozeCoin on; be it badges, titles, a custom profile embed color, or your very own Drunk o'Bot Command!
- buy (category & item id) - Buys what you chose. EG: d!buy badge 14
- set - After buying a title or the embed color, this command will allow you to set them! No worries if you have both :))
- set bio - No BoozeCoin required, you can use this command to change the "Hi! I am using Drunk o'Bot!" flavor text in your profile! (Note: 100 character limit and discord server invites are disallowed.)
- slot - Spend 1 BoozeCoin per spin, win up to 5 BoozeCoin per win... if you're lucky ;)
- activity - Enable or Disable random activity messages in channels. Every 40 messages sent in an activity enabled channel will invoke a random message from Drunk o'Bot where you can either fight to be the first person to react to claim a free beer, or be unlucky and get punched in the crotch :x (Requires you to have **Manage Server** permission)

Misc Commands:
- listener - Enable or Disable listener events. This includes responses for randomly mentioning beer names like "whisky" or "wine" and having the bot say something funny (Requires you to have **Manage Server** permission)
- help (command) - The help menu. If you mention a command name in the command, detailed information will be displayed
- ping - Check Drunk o'Bot's Latency.... Except he may be too drunk to tell you
- botinfo - Displays detailed information about Drunk o'Bot
- changelog - Displays most recent changes to the bot
- recommendations - Tells you which commands the dev recommends you use
- clear - Simulates a modbot's clear messages command.. except it's actually useless
- invite - Sends an invite link to Drunk o'Bot so other people can invite him to parties! (There better be beer or else.)
- donate - I legitimately do not want your money. This command instead tells you to donate to a charity
- suggest - Suggest new features for the bot
- support - Invite link to the support server
- privacy - Displays our Privacy Policy
- prefix - View Drunk o'Bot's prefix
- prefix set - Change Drunk o'Bot's prefix for the server!

> Note that Drunk o'Bot does __NOT__ actually kick, mute or ban people.
Drunk o'Bot basically sends snarky/hilarious responses to every command used. Try it yourself!