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Enhance your sexual experiences with the #1 discord bot for NSFW!


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🔞 Enhance your sexual experiences 🔞

⏱️ Auto Posting

Get NSFW posted into your DM's every seven seconds, with a wide range of selectable NSFW categories

❤️ Profiles

Join our discord server and grab some roles to display on your profile that tells us about you

🏠 Roleplay

Get kinky with the other members on the server with our free-to-use roleplay commands

🔞 Hentai

Top of the range, high-quality hentai images to satisfy your needs.

✨ Premium

Over 50 real porn premium member commands that can be used in your DM's or on a server at any time

⚙️ Utility

Informative commands that you can use if you need some guidance or help