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All-In-One, easy, simple yet very creative & advanced bot.


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Inferno is a multi-purpose bot, featuring tons of commands that were never seen before!

Made by P3ter#5873


Inferno is very rich when it comes to commands, features, and systems.

Daily Updates

  • Inferno will always be updated. Whether it's a bug fix, or a new command addition, there will always be new updates everyday!

    Lots of sources

  • We work with a lot of APIs and use a lot of Libraries that could help us provide to you the best commands you could ever ask for.

    24/7 Uptime

  • We have a 24/7 hoster service for our bot, so you can use the bot whenever you want, without worrying about it going offline.

    Website & Dashboard (Coming Soon)

  • We're currently working on a website that would have a Dashboard so that we can add many new features such as Reaction roles, Logging system and much more with ease and no complications!

    Free to use

  • Inferno is a free-to-use bot, now and forever!


    • Anime Category
    • NSFW Category
    • Games Category
    • Fortnite Category
    • Memes Category
    • Moderation Category
    • Facts Category
    • Filters Category
    • Social Media Category
    • Utility Category
    • Images Category
    • Fun Category
    • Video Category
    • And More!

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