Splashie is an advanced moderation bot with included utilities, minigames, music, image manipulation, reaction roles, and more!

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Splashie: One Bot, Countless Features

Splashie is an all-purpose Discord Bot meant to provide a little bit of everything!

Moderation, image manipulation, minigames, join/leave messages, reaction roles, a growing list of entertaining commands for your server, Splashie has it all!

Here's just a couple of the features Splashie provides for your server:

  • Effortless Moderation - Kick, ban, warn, and mute any misbehaving members with ease, Splashie will handle all the backend stuff. You can also set up an autorole, join/leave messages, purge channels, nickname members, and more!

  • Image Manipulation - Create some of your own memes, mess around with filters, and even make backgrounds transparent!

  • Utility -View the weather in any city on Earth, crunch some numbers with a cool Discord calculator, find the meaning of life through artificial intelligence, translate any language to any other, flip a coin, spin a wheel, and more!

  • Fun - Ask the magic 8 ball a question, hear some jokes, get an interesting fun fact, the list goes on!

  • Minigames - Interact with your members and the community through minigames such as Chess, tic tac toe, rock paper scissors, and more! New minigames are always being worked on.

From the developers, we hope you enjoy Splashie! Countless hours of work has gone into making it all that it is today and all feedback is appreciated (it helps us make Splashie a better bot!), positive or negative (but hopefully positive :)