InviteManager is the best way for invite tracking, giveaways and leveling and much more!

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InviteManager bot is a free-to-use invite management system that can tracks every joins/leaves inviters and can send a welcomer message with variables, it also comes with extra feature such as message counter, verification system, giveaways system, leaderboards and much more. InviteManager Team strive to achieve the highest quality possible to ensure the best quality for the user.

Read the documentation to learn how to configure the bot!

Features and functions

  • Invite management system, tracks all joins/leaves inviters.
  • Easy configuration for the join, join dm and leave messages with variables.
  • Advanced verification system (Button, Captcha).
  • An advanced giveaways system.
  • An advanced reward role system.
  • Message counter and level system.
  • Leaderboard for the top inviters and top messengers of your server.
  • Beautiful graphs for the join and leave statistics of your server.


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If you need further support with InviteManager or just want to suggestion some feature, please join on our support server.