A Discord Music Bot With 24/7 In VC(Never Leave VC), DJ Feature, Spotify, 70+ Commands, DJ System And Bot Channels!

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Prefix : gr!

Tags :  Fun Music ...

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Support Server

Bot's website

● To get help on a specific command type `gr!help `!

● Groover Supports **Spotify**, **Soundcloud** And **Youtube**!

● To get prefix of your server just tag the bot!

# ⚙️ Settings
addbotchat, adddj, prefix, removebotchat, removedj, reset, settings, 24/7, toggledjonlycmd, togglepruning, announce

# 💢 Custom Playlists
pl-addcurrent, pl-addqueue, pl-create, pl-delete, pl-info, pl-list, pl-load, pl-playshuffle, pl-removedupes, pl-removetrack  

# 🎷 Filters
8d, bassboost, chipmunk, cleareq, clearfilter, darthvader, equalizer, nightcore, pitch, rate, slowmo, speed, tremolo, vibrato, vibrate  

# 🎶 Music
autoplay, clearqueue, forceskip, grab, loop, loopqueue, loopsong, moveme, movetrack, nowplaying, pause, play, playtop, queue, remove, replay, resume, search, seek, shuffle, skipto, stop, volume, voteskip, movebot, forward, rewind, join  

# 🔰 Info
djmode, hasvoted, help, invite, ping, stats, uptime, vote

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