STW Daily#7656

A Discord bot for all of your Fortnite: Save the World needs. Auto-claim Daily rewards, Research points, Llamas, and more!

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STW Daily

Auto-claim Daily rewards, Research points, Llamas, and more!

How to use STW Daily

@STW Daily {command} method

To interact with STW Daily, start your message by mentioning the bot (STW Daily), followed by the command you wish to use. For example, to use the daily command, with an auth-code, you would type:

@STW Daily daily a51c1f4d35b1457c8e34a1f6026faa35

You can learn more about all the new features and interactions STW Daily can provide by using @STW Daily help.

/ Slash command method

To get started with slash commands, start by typing /. You can learn more about slash commands here.

Getting an Auth Code:

To get an auth code, just visit this link.

Note If you need to switch accounts, you can use this link instead.

You will then be redirected to a page that looks like this:

    "redirectUrl": "",
    "authorizationCode": "a51c1f4d35b1457c8e34a1f6026faa35",
    "sid": null

Copy the authorisation code (you can double-click it in most browsers), and then add that to your command, where required.

Note You don't need to copy just the code, you can copy the entire JSON object.

@STW Daily daily a51c1f4d35b1457c8e34a1f6026faa35

The auth code will expire shortly after issued. When STW Daily uses it, it will immediately expire. If you require a new code, you can simply refresh the page to get a new code.

Authentication Sessions:

Your authentication session will be saved for ~8 hours, allowing you to claim a daily, claim your research points and spend them without needing a new code each time. You will still need to provide a new code when the authentication session expires.

You can opt out of automatically starting an authentication session by specifying any text after your auth code, e.g. @STW Daily d a51c1f4d35b1457c8e34a1f6026faa35 no. You can end an authentication session with @STW Daily kill.