A multipurpose bot with a huge command count, as well as advanced utility, fun, settings, and moderation commands.

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This is a multipurpose bot that has lots of features, and new stuff come every day!

BOT NOT RESPONDING? This might be because the bot has no permission, or is in mainteaince.

The bot is always in development no matter what. This means:

New features all the time
Bugs for you to get and report to us using a special command or joining our server
More bugs, more we know you and thank in our server
More fun we all have
The bot has a good big number of commands that can be ran easily. Please make sure the bot had administrator permissions so the bot could perform awesome. No permission = might give errors.

We include: Moderation NSFW Settings Fun Roleplay commands Utility Support and… The useless commands.

To report bugs: ++report (bug and how you got it.) Thanks for supporting us!