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A multipurpose bot that helps automate actions in your server. Features many unique utility and fun commands.


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__Infinity Help__
1) Channel
	*Channel Commands*
2) Conversion
	*Conversion commands.*
3) Data
	*Data from websites or api*
4) Fun
	*Fun commands.*
5) Image
	*Image Commands*
6) Info
	*Info about bot and related servers.*
7) Maths
	*Maths commands.*
8) Members
	*Information about members.*
9) MiniGames
10) Moderation
	*Moderation Commands.*
11) profile
	*User based commands.*
12) server
	*Server Commands*
13) utility
	*Utility commands for server.*

**Special Functions**
1) Bookmarking system
	*React to a message with 🔖 to bookmark the message.
The bot will send and pin a message in your dms which contain the content and jump link to the message you bookmarked.*
	*Refering to the bookmark message with remark **remark** can add a field to the embed containing the remark you made.*
2) QR Generator
	* **qr \** to generate a qr code.*