From Music, to Anime and Memes, AGB is the perfect bot for you and your server

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Prefix : tp! - customizable

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# Join the AGB Bot Community
Join the AGB Bot community today and experience the power of this multi-functional Discord bot for yourself.
With its robust feature set, user-friendly interface, and massive command library, AGB Bot is sure to become an essential addition to your Discord server.

# AGB Bot - Your All-in-One Discord Bot

AGB Bot is a versatile Discord bot that offers a wide range of features and commands to cater to all your Discord needs. With over 200+ commands, AGB Bot is designed to make your Discord experience as smooth as possible. AGB Bot is also equipped with extensive NSFW commands, including Reddit commands for different Subreddits and its own NSFW API.
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## Commands
Here's a list of AGB Bot's commands:
### Info
- weather: shows the weather forecast for a given location
- f2c, c2f: converts Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa
- vote: sets up a poll in the channel
- ping: displays the bot's response time
- invite: generates a link to invite the bot to another server
- password: generates a random password
- stats: displays the bot's stats
- say, embedsay: makes the bot say a message or say an embedded message
- policy: displays AGB's privacy policy
- profile, bio, opt, timestamp: provides various user information
- alert, archived_alerts: sets up and archives alerts

### Fun
- chatchart, serverchart: creates charts based on server data
- enlarge: enlarges an emoji
- chatrevive: revives a dead chat
- coinflip: flips a coin
- pp: measures a user's PP size
- ship: ships two users
- actions, animals, pressf, rate, hotcalc, howgay, sus, simp, horny, gen: various fun commands

### Discord
- listemoji: lists the server's emojis
- avatar: displays a user's avatar
- roles: lists the server's roles
- joinedat: displays when a user joined the server
- mods: lists the server's moderators
- firstmessage: displays the first message in the channel
- channelstats: displays statistics for the current channel
- suggest: sets up a suggestion box
- colors, colorme: sets a user's color
- icon: displays the server's icon
- banner: displays the server's banner
- roleinfo: displays information about a specific role
- serverinfo: displays information about the server
- userinfo: displays information about a specific user

### Reminder
- reminder: sets up a reminder for a specific time

### Mod
- toggle: toggles a specific command on or off
- addrole, removerole: adds or removes a role from a user
- deleterole: deletes a role
- perms: displays a user's permissions
- rainbow, removerainbow: sets up or removes a self assignable color role (not a rainbow role, that's against ToS silly)
- fuckoff: Makes AGB leave the current server
- nickname: changes a user's nickname
- toggleslow: toggles slow mode on or off
- hoist: hoists a role
- reset_names: resets all users' nicknames
- bans: lists all banned users
- banreason: displays the reason for a specific ban
- fban, sban, massban: bans one or multiple users
- unban: unbans a user
- unbanall: unbans all users
- softban: bans and immediately unbans a user
- stealemoji: copies an emoji from another server
- find, channel, role: finds a specific user, channel, or role
- nuke: deletes all messages in a channel
- mutesetup, mute, unmute: sets up, mutes, or unmutes a user
- purge: deletes a specific number