Unlimited Bot#1269

Unlimited Bot is a utility bot that makes it easier to run lots of commands.

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Prefix : un!

Tags :  Moderation Fun ...

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Unlimited Bot is a utility bot that makes it easier to run lots of commands.

Purpose of the bot
Facilitate the execution of many moderation commands, music, and many more!

⚙️ | Management - (1)
⚙ 👮 | Moderation - (6)
ban, kick, mute, purge, unban, unmute
⚙ 🎵 | Music - (20)
afk, join, loop, lyrics, nowplaying, pause, play-sound, play, playlist, queue, remove, resume, search, shuffle, skip, skipto, speed, stop, triggered, volume
⚙ 🚀 | Miscellaneous - (22)
author, badges, bot-info, bug, coronavirus, discord, emotes, feedback, help, invite, membercount, minecraft-skin, ping, pingfast, poll, roles, server-icon, server-info, system, uptime, user-info, vote
⚙ 🎉 | Fun - (28)
8ball, addisonrae, animals, ascii-art, avatar, bellapoarch, belledelphine, bird, cat, charlidamelio, coinflip, dice, dog, emmanuelmacron, facepalm, fox, joke, laugh, love, meme, panda, pikachu, random-number, randomcolor, reverse, send-message, wasted, zaglo
⚙ 🟩 | Experience - (4) 
addxp, leaderboard, level, removexp

[Unlimited Bot Invite](https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=704133221230706748&scope=bot&permissions=8)
[Unlimited Bot Support Server](https://discord.gg/HcqduKt)
[Unlimited Bot Website](https://www.unlimited-bot.xyz)

The bot needs Administrator permission to perform moderation commands (Bans, kick and others). You don't have to give it Administrator permission, but the bot will not have access to moderation commands.