AkimiBot is an English and French bot. At the moment, there is one category: Utility, Fun, Moderation and more.

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Tags :  Moderation Fun ...

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💬 Info Commands 💬

help, ping, invite, stats, serverinfo, userinfo, channelinfo, roleinfo, serveremoji, servericon, listroles

⛏ Moderation Commands ⛏

clear, add-emoji, embedbuilder, warn, warns, warn-remove, warn-remove-all

📌 Utility Commands 📌

bugreport, avatar, lb_invitation, randomcolor, textcouleur, visualisehex

🎀 Fun Commands 🎀

ascii, gayrate, lesbianrate, tauxsexy, minesweeper, fasttype, snake, reverse-text, emojify, slots

⛏️ Minecraft Commands ⛏️

mchead, mccombo, mcserver, mclive, mcskin, mojangapi

📷 Picture Commands 📷

cat, dog, fox, panda, lizard, koala, beautiful, blur, jail, jokeoverhead, pixelate, rainbow, rip, sepia, sharpen, triggered, wanted, wasted

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