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# Maestro, The MUSIC bot!## Bot Commands### General Commands* `help`[command]` — Display the bot’s list of commands.* `invite` — Get a link to invite the bot to your server.* `ping` — Show the bot’s current response time..* `botinfo` — Show information about the bot.* `redeem` `(code)` — Redeem a key for your server.### Music Commands* `play` `[url|YT search]` — Joins and play music in a channel.* `pause` — Pause or resume the music player.* `stop, leave` — Stop and clear the music player.* `skip` — Skip the current music track if you’re the requester.* `remove` `(first|last|all|start..end|#)` — Remove a song from the queue.* `move` — Move the bot to another channel.* `forceskip` — Skip the current music track forcefully.* `shuffle` — Shuffle the music queue.* `nowplaying, np` — Shows what’s currently playing.* `queue, list` — Shows the music that’s currently queued.* `restart` — Restart the current song.* `repeat` `(song, playlist, none)` — Set if the music player should repeat.* `voteskip` — Vote to skip the current music track.* `volume` `[loudness %]` — Set the volume of the music player.* `jump, seek` `(to|forward|backward) (time)` — Set the time marker of the music playback.* `youtube, yt` `(query...)` — Search and see YouTube results.* `soundcloud, sc` `(query...)` — Search and see SoundCloud results.### Settings Commands* `commands, cmd, command, cmds` `(enable|disable|toggle) (specific|category) (_command|category) ...` — Manage the usage of commands.* `ignore` `(user|channel|role|list) [entity]` — Make the bot ignore certain users, channels or roles.* `autodelete, autodel` — No description provided.* `prune, purge, delmessages, delmsgs` `(2-100)` — Delete up to 100 messages.* `autorole` `(set|unset) [@role]` — Set auto-roles that are assigned to users on joining.* `selfroles, selfrole` `(add|remove|clear) [@role]` — Set self-roles that users can assign to themselves.* `musicSettings, musicConfig` — Change music settings.* `resetall` — Reset all music settings.