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GoH is a great, new bot that will decorate your server! Our bot has a control panel and the website itself, where you can get acquainted with the information. The bot is completely rewritten into slash commands and contains about **80 commands**. We have collected all the interesting, important commands that will be useful to you in the future! The bot also has its own documentation, where you can get acquainted **with all the commands**.
Now I will tell you about **all** categories of the bot:
- 💰 **Economy.** There is little functionality in our economy, but we have more than 50 jobs for which you can earn different amounts of money. We also have a leader board. The leader board is divided into 3 categories: **Monetary**, **Experience**, **Active**.
- ✨ **Filters.** We have many different and sometimes funny filters that we have chosen for you. With these filters, you can make fun of your friends and make them laugh :)
- 😂 **Fun.** There aren't many commands there, but I think there will be more of them over time.
- 👮 **Moderation.** Normal, working moderation with a small but important set of commands.
- 🖼️ **Pictures.** Here we have collected all the cute animals that make tears roll. Try them for sure!
- 😇 **Interactions.** Finally, this is the most extensive category with a large number of commands. They are the largest number in the bot. We have collected all the emotions that you can experience on your server.
- 🪓 **Utilities.** Utilities means utilities. But we have something interesting in this category, where not every bot has it. Guess.
- ⚙️ **The Control Panel.** The functionality there is not great, but users can still use the control panel to configure their amazing server.
I hope you enjoy the bot and its combine functions. Visit our technical support! Thanks!
***TO CHANGE THE LANGUAGE, ENTER /setup language***