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Meet Pixel, your all-in-one Discord companion, designed to enhance your server in every way. From keeping things orderly and fun with moderation and giveaways to ensuring a safe environment with protection and providing utility tools, Pixel has it all covered.

Streamlined Moderation:
Pixel equips you with the necessary tools to maintain order in your server. Manage users by kicking, banning, muting, warning, and assigning roles. Customizable word and link filters help you enforce your server's rules effortlessly.

Engaging Giveaways:
Get your community excited with Pixel's user-friendly giveaway setup. Create, manage, and select winners for contests with ease. Encourage participation and boost server activity with exciting giveaways.

Solid Protection:
Pixel acts as the guardian of your server, defending it against disruptions and malicious content. Activate anti-link and anti-spam features to keep your chat free from harmful links and spam. Enjoy a secure environment where your members can chat without worry.

Practical Utility Tools:
Pixel makes daily tasks more convenient with its utility commands. Retrieve server and user information, check the bot's uptime, and perform various tasks like creating polls, generating embeds, and accessing color palettes.

Bot Connectivity and Feedback:
Stay connected with your Pixel bot using commands like /server_count and /server_leaderboard. Need to send feedback or suggestions? The /feedback command allows you to communicate with the bot owner. Easily access the bot's invite link and support server through /invite and /support.

Pixel is designed to cater to server administrators, moderators, and regular members, making it user-friendly and accessible for everyone. Whether you want to maintain order, boost engagement, protect your server, or streamline daily tasks, Pixel is the ideal Discord companion for your community. Invite Pixel today and experience the difference it can make in your server.