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Welcome to PixelPet ✨

Transform your ideas into stunning visuals with a simple description. 
Unleash the Power of AI-Driven Image Generation.

Key Features PixelPet:
🚀 High resolution: 3072x2048 pixel images
⚡️ Speedy: Approximately 6-8 second response time
🌌 Adaptable: Compatible with any SD 1.5 model on Civitai
⭐ User-Friendly: Intuitive edit prompt dialog accessible to users of all experience levels
🎨 Prompt Magic: Enhance short prompts with GPT capabilities for personalized results
🌍 Multilingual: Language barriers are no issue with automatic translation features
🔞 NSFW Responsibly: Supports NSFW content generation, restricted to designated channels
Join our community and discover the convenience of AI-powered image creation.