Your Next Favorite General Purpose bot With a Bump Reminder, Economy, Moderation, Temp Voice Channels, Custom welcome Cards and More!

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Hey are you Looking for a Bot that is Much more easy than your Standart discord bot systems?

Then Noctra is your right choice 

--> No need for 10 different commands for Moderation just /Modpanel

--> Temp Voice Channels (Setup-temp-vc) with many Commands to your preferences that all begin with /vc

--> An Automatic Bump Reminder

--> Economy system that Tracks Voice and Text!

--> Economy Games like /Wheel and /Lottery

--> With the Economy System you can set up a Role Shop

--> Easy ticket system with nice Looking Transcripts

--> No Annoying Dashboards just /setup

--> Custom welcome card´s

--> Tresure Chest´s for economy that are random

--> /info to kept being updated

--> be apart of Something big, and help suggest new ideas and help better the Bot!

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So what are you waiting for?