Your two-way solution to connecting you everywhere.

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Linkup, the two-way solution to connecting you everywhere. It's the first of it's kind, providing two-way audio communication between servers to bring you closer to what really matters. With only two simple commands, you can connect two server voice channels together to have a two-way conversation like you are really there.


/link - Connect and link a client. If you do not provide a code, one will be given to you. You can share this code with another server that has Linkup to connect two voice channels. If you have a code, join a channel and provide the code as an argument to complete the connection

/unlink - Unlinks a session between two clients.

(The following commands are available but not shown in the bot's help menu for brevity)

/ping - Get the bot's latency to Discord.

/uptime - Show the amount of time the bit has been up for.

/invite - Sends the invite link of the bot so you can add it to a server.