Biscus is used for sending Twitch notifications and profile information. Use '/setchannel' and '/add <Twitch Name>' to get started!

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This bot has the capability of getting information from any Twitch profile and setting up notifications for when a streamer goes live. Biscus uses the '/' - slash commands - to start commands. Commands are listed below:

- /info : Gets the bot's voting and information page link
- /get {Twitch Name} : Retrieves information about the specified Twitch profile
- /getrandom {Game Name} -- Optional: {min viewers} {max viewers} : Retrieves a random Twitch profile streaming the specified game. The optional 'max' and 'min' parameters will limit the current viewer count range.
- /setchannel -- Optional: {role-name} : Sets the channel you would like to receive notifications in. The optional 'role-name' parameter says which role should be @'d when receiving notifications.
- /unsetchannel : Unsets the channel you are currently receiving notifications in
- /add {Twitch Name} : Adds a Twitch notification for when the specified Twitch profile starts streaming
- /remove {Twitch Name} : Removes the specified Twitch profile notifications.

If you have any questions, please message me on discord - Dirk#8540