This is a discord bot that does a lot of things for a card game called plants vs zombies heroes

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Prefix : @Tbot ping bot

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This is the only pvzh bot and it got a lot of decks for the card game in plants vs zombies heroes(pvzh) wheter the players are beginners or maxed this bot can help them get started on finding great decks to use in ranked or in tourney. 

Got budget decks for beginners and maxed decks for players with full collection. 

Has decks acrhtypes for all types of players if the players wants to play fast then can surely find an aggro swarm or burn deck in the bot.

If they want to however play more slowly towards the midgame then they can find midrange decks.

If they want to control their opponent with control decks then they can also find control decks in this bot too.

It can also give players info on certain cards and what they do in the game stats, description, and class the cards are in.

Got decks from all the huge youtubers that play this card game Tryhard ,FryEmUp, and many other deck creators.

Advanced help menu where you pick out the hero category depending on what hero you want to play the decks with (@tbot help).  

Also has an elo system which elo is when you fight another person and report those games using (@tbot report @user score @user) you can gain or lose points depending on many points your opponent has,

players can get on the leaderboard which has the top 10 players.

Bot is very useful for players who play the plants vs zombies heroes card game