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Enhance Your Discoverability

❓ What Is Microscope App?

Posts from sites like Reddit, Quora, and Stackoverflow appear in Google searches, so why not Discord posts? Microscope App gives your server the same visibility as a website, with none of the extra work! Microscope App indexes forum posts from your server so anyone can search for them through Google, through a bot command, or through the microscope.app website.

Your server's forum posts in Google search

🌟 Benefits

  • Organic Growth
  • Promotes Higher Engagement
  • Instant Indexing
  • 100% Free
  • Easy To Use
  • No Intrusive Permissions
  • High Uptime

🤝 Setup Instructions

  1. Invite the bot.
  2. Confirm that it can view your forum channels.
  3. (Optional) Enable or disable the indexing of channels with /disable
  4. (Optional) Join the support server to hear about updates and suggest features! https://discord.gg/FCJqvjV7Ye

🖥️ Commands

  • /search - The primary command. This command will perform a search operation on all indexed posts and return the results.
  • /ai_text_prompt - *NEW* This command uses OpenAI's GPT-3 "Davinci" language model to generate unique responses based on your prompt.
  • /ai_image_prompt - *NEW* This command uses OpenAI's image model to generate an image based on your prompt.
  • /ai_me - *NEW* This command uses OpenAI's image model to create a drawing of your PFP.
  • /disable - Select which forum channels are indexed (admin only).
  • /help - Learn more about Microscope App.

🫂 Support Server

Have some suggestions, need some help, or want to stay up to date on updates? Join the support server! https://discord.gg/FCJqvjV7Ye